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Eye Physicians of Lancaster LASIK patientsAre you tired of relying on glasses or contacts to see clearly — especially at times when they can get in the way or become uncomfortable, such as while exercising, swimming or playing contact sports? At Eye Physicians of Lancaster, Dr. Thomas Krulewski performs an All-Laser, blade-free LASIK procedure that typically results in 20/20 vision or better after a quick, painless and safe surgery that results in almost no downtime.

Live free of the limitations of glasses or contacts. Join the millions of people who have had this life-changing procedure, and enjoy sharp vision for the first time in your life!

Are You a Suitable Candidate for LASIK Surgery?

The most effective way to determine if you are considered a good candidate for LASIK is by having Dr. Krulewski perform a thorough eye exam. Some of the guidelines that make a person eligible for LASIK surgery include the following:

  • At least 18 years old
  • No serious medical conditions (diabetes, etc.)
  • No eye diseases or corneal conditions
  • Not pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Sufficient corneal thickness (determined by your eye doctor/LASIK surgeon)
  • No changes to prescription for at least one year

The Benefits of All-Laser LASIK Surgery in Lancaster

Our All-Laser LASIK procedure uses the latest laser technology, rather than a surgical blade (used in traditional LASIK), to create a flap in the cornea during the surgery. The preferred LASIK procedure of leading ophthalmologists, All-Laser LASIK has many benefits, including:

  • Less risk of complications
  • Safer and more precise surgery
  • Less downtime after surgery
  • Often a better surgical outcome than with traditional LASIK

More about the All-Laser LASIK Procedure

Dr. Krulewski performs the All-Laser LASIK procedure as an outpatient surgery. Because you will not be able to drive afterward, you will need to make arrangements for someone to drive you to and from our surgery center. To ensure that you are comfortable, anesthetic eye drops will be used to numb your eyes. Once they are numb, Dr. Krulewski will use an excimer laser to make a small incision in the cornea, or the thin top layer of the eye’s surface, making a flap which he will pull back to reveal the cornea. A femtosecond laser is then used to reshape the cornea to a shape that better refracts light from the retina, resulting in clearer vision. The entire procedure takes about 20 minutes or less to finish, and afterwards there is almost no downtime. Patients’ eyes may feel dry and slightly irritated for a day or two, but they are typically able to return to work, school and daily life the day after surgery.

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