Also Serving Patients in Lititz, Elizabethtown, and Mount Joy

Dr. Thomas Krulewski and the staff at Eye Physicians of Lancaster continuously strive to accommodate the needs and concerns of our patients. But why are we special? Why do so many of our patients refer their friends and family to us? In order to provide high quality cataract care, we have developed an “extra care” approach to make your treatment and follow-up care as comfortable as possible.

Because you are so special to us we offer the following extra care services to you:

  • Individualized patient and family counseling prior to surgery.

  • Complete patient and family computerized information center.

  • Comfortable reception and dilation areas with large print reading materials.

  • Flexible billing arrangements and assistance.

  • Community talks and presentations for your church, civic, or senior adult groups.

  • Availability of our Optical Center right here within the office complex.

  • Handicap access & wheelchair availability.